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​​Fort Hood Tragic Shooting Continues PTSD Discussion

Source: by Dr. Ann Marie Warren

Once again Fort Hood is in the news for another tragic event, a shooting at the U.S. military base has the world stunned and saddened. Just a few hours after the shooting, attention has now turned to the “why” of such an unexplainable event.

Attention is now focused on the shooters “mental health issues” which CNN reports includes depression and anxiety.

While investigations will continue in depth on what may have been the motive for this event, it’s important to be aware of the impact of this event not only on those who survived the shooting, but those individuals who experienced it in person, the military community at Fort Hood, the first responders and caregivers of those injured, and even those who may be watching the media coverage unfold.

There are a variety of psychological reactions to surviv​ing or witnessing a traumatic event. The National Center for PTSD provides information on common reaction to trauma, including sleep difficulty, experiencing nightmares, having a heightened sense of vulnerability, becoming easily startled by loud noises, difficulty with concentration and decision making, and feelings of sadness or fear.

However, there are ways to help if these types of reactions occur. The National Center for PTSD offers these suggestions:

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